Updates for aerofly RC 10

This update page is for the aerofly RC 10 Windows DVD-boxed version and IKARUS shop download versions only.

Download & Installation

Latest update

aerofly RC 10 Update

(In case the download is blocked by the browser: please right-click on the link above and select “Save Link As…” from the context menu.)

  1. Download the update installer to a temporary directory. It doesn’t matter where you saved the file, the updater will locate your aerofly RC 10 automatically.
  2. Double-click the downloaded installer and simply follow the instructions.

New activation may be needed

After installing the update if you are asked for a new activation please type in your activation key provided in the DVD box or download purchase confirmation.

When the update installer can’t locate aerofly RC 10

If the update and asks you to insert the original installation media, then it can’t find the original installation of aerofly RC 10. This can be either because of changes to the Windows user-account, manually moving the files after the installation or due to a Windows update. In this case it is best to uninstall the software and install it again.

  • Open the Windows Programs and Features settings and remove the existing aerofly RC 10 installation
  • Install aerofly RC 10 from DVD or using the installer provided with the download purchase like for the first installation
  • Repeat the installation the update.

If you receive an error message during activation or when starting the programm for the first time, you can find all solutions at www.ikarus.net/errorcodes



  • The start position is now properly restored after a program restart
  • In VR mode, menu buttons can now be controlled using the hand controllers


  • Minor fixes


  • Fixes a multiplayer issue where the first player cannot select the scenery
  • The display of the engine or rotor speed has been corrected
  • Fixes a problem with the Dynamic Soaring Contest


  • Fixes a bug launching aerofly RC 10 in VR
  • Fixes a bug in multi player
  • Adjustments to different USB interfaces