aerofly RC 10 is full of exiting new features

The brand new aerofly RC 10 is here! The successor of the aerofly RC 9 has been completely revised, expanded by new model types and a very large selection of models and with new features. A new menu navigation facilitates all settings, the calibration of the controller and a quick adjustment of the flight conditions.

  • NEW: Night flying in illuminated scenes
  • NEW: Actively illuminated powered models and helicopters
  • NEW: Models with skis for ski flying
  • For all current IKARUS-RC flight controllers and interfaces

Features overview

Swimming Hall

  • Indoor water flying
  • Simulated water surface
  • Daylight adjustable

Ski flying

  • Photoreal winter scene
  • Taking off and landing on snow
  • Rotating suspended skis

Night flying

  • 4D sceneries with lights
  • Active model lights
  • Daylight adjustable

Models with lights

  • Many models with lights
  • Landing lights, Night lights and Strobe flasher

Heli at night

  • 3D helis with lights
  • Scale helis with lights
  • Day time adjustable
  • 4D sceneries with lights

Night flight contests

  • FPV Parcours with lights
  • EDF Jet with night lights
  • Day time adjustable

VTOL models

  • Vertical take off
  • Pivoting propellers
  • Scale models and trainer

Harrier Jump Jet

  • Vertical take off
  • Swivel thrust nozzles
  • Short take-off and change into jet flight

More FES Glider

  • Several models with front electrical system (FES)
  • FES drive selectable as option
  • New FES vintage glider
  • New FES sounds

Many new models

  • 30+ new models
  • 3D acro, IMAC SlickX360
  • Scale models and trainer
  • For in- and outdoor

Radial engine sounds

  • New custom sounds
  • Multiple engine variants for several aircraft
  • Four stroke & radial engine selectable

100 + Sound Updates

  • New EDF sounds
  • New 4Stroke / Radial sounds
  • New electric sounds

Skip Back Button

  • 5 sec Skip Back
  • Via mouse click or function key

Easy Menus

  • New menu structure
  • Easy controller setup
  • All menus logical and clean

Quick Menu

  • Easy access to all important flight settings
  • By right mouse click or function key F5

Contest Helpers

  • New visual guides
  • F3A contest grid
  • Flight path e.g. for dynamic soaring
  • Simple operation


Original RC Flight Controller

Using the original IKARUS RC Flight Controller you don’t need any expensive radio as controller! Plug in this USB controller into a free USB port and the commander will be recognize automatic. You can use this controller for Windows PCs and Macs.

Buy on ikarus.net

Your own RC transmitter

Connect your own transmitter in aerofly RC 10.

  • via USB interface
  • via sum signal receiver
  • via S.Bus receiver
  • via 8 channel receivers
More info on ikarus.net

Generic joystick

Use your existing joysticks in aerofly RC 10 to fly models.

  • Ideal for flying true scale aircraft
  • Works for all models
  • Inexpensive for beginners

Generic game controller

Aerofly RC 10 also works with generic game-controllers.

  • Plug and play
  • Select from different profiles
  • Custom game controller profile
  • Mode 1-4 profiles similar to RC transmitter
  • Inexpensive for beginners