Virtual Reality – Cinema at its best!

The aerofly RC 10 supports Virtual Reality (VR) now! Fly with your VR headset and enjoy a completely new feeling in the 4D sceneries. Lean over the model and look around to easily orientate yourself for the next takeoff or landing. Best of all: you additional plugins are needed, it works out of the box!

Each aerofly RC 10 for Windows includes the VR mode. You can choose between the normal mode (using a PC monitor) or you can fly with a headset in the VR mode.

  • VR mode included in every aerofly RC 10 installation (Only for Windows)
  • No higher PC requirements flying in the normal mode (with a PC monitor)
  • VR mode usable on any VR capable computer
  • Optimized for Meta Quest and HTC Vive
  • Control the models via the IKARUS USB FlightController
  • Ideal for control with your own RC transmitter using a wireless IKARUS interface
  • RC pilot perspective for the typical requirements of flying RC models
  • Follow mode for pure action and fun
  • VR-Auto zoom to see the attitude at any time

VR features


  • Optimized for Meta Quest und HTC Vive
  • No extra plugin software required!
  • Runs on installed VR headsets

Model flight

  • Model pilot’s perspective
  • 360 global view
  • Perfect airfield orientation
  • Fly just like in reality
  • Optimized for 4D sceneries
  • Ideal for 3D aerobatics training
  • Slope flying, helicopter training

Follow mode

  • In all 4D sceneries
  • Look around full 360°
  • FPV with multi-copters
  • Fun & action!


  • Controls like in normal mode
  • Fly with the IKARUS USB-Controller or any IKARUS USB interfaces for your own RC radio
  • Wired or wireless
  • For all supported RC transmitters


  • Special VR zoom
  • Zoom individually adjustable
  • Optimized attitude detection
  • Ideal for aerobatics
  • Ideal for slope soaring
  • VR zoom can be switched off

Graphics power

  • For all VR capable PCs starting from Radeon RX580
  • VR power already from GTX 10xx and up