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You can't find the answer to your questions in the FAQs or in our Forum? No problem, you may contact us using the following form. If you have a technical question, please be as specfic as possible to help us find a solution to your problem.
Downloads ( manuals, updates )
On our FAQ pages you will find answers to common questions like general program usage or answers to common technical questions. Before getting in direct contact with us, ensure that you have looked into the FAQs.
On our download pages you will find the latest updates for aerofly RC 7. Before contacting us with a question, please ensure you have installed the latest version of aerofly RC 7. Besides updates you will also find the latest version of the aerofly RC 7 manual in PDF format.
If aerofly RC 7 is installed on a computer without a direct connection to the internet, you may activate aerofly RC 7 from another computer that has internet access. Visit the product activation help page to see the steps required to activate aerofly RC 7 offline.
You may also visit our forum to find answers or ask questions. Aside from the user to user communication, our product support staff also monitors this forum and provides answers whenever possible. As such, this is a valuable asset when an issue arises. Please ensure you use the search function of the forum. If you are making a posting please be as specific as possible, this helps us and other users to help you quicker.