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Option 1: Flying with the RC FlightController (USB)
Using the original IKARUS RC FlightController #3036012 you don´t need any expensive radio as controller! Plug in this USB-Controller into a free USB Port and the commander will be recognize automatic. You can use this controller for Windows PCs and also Apple Mac Computers.
Select your favorite control option

All these solutions work with Windows 7/8/10 as well as Mac OS X computers
Flying aerofly RC 7 you can select one of the following control options. You can either fly with an USB Flight Controller that connects to a free USB port or with your own radio using a special USB interface.
Connect your own radio via this IKARUS USB-Interface #3031010 to your computer. You can use this controller for Windows PCs and also Apple Mac Computers. The USB-Interfaceset #3031010 includes 3 components:
   -   The USB-Interface
   -   An optional needed adapter #3024040 and
   -   A 1,5 m long cable.
Depends on your radio you could need a special adapter!
On the right top you can see as example the connection of a Spektrum DX-8 with adapter #31036 and his 3.5 mm mono plug.
On the right is a Futaba radio connected with adapter #31036 and his square plug.
For radios like Sanwa or Multiplex we recommend the Optio No. 3 or No. 5. For newer Graupner 2.4 GHz radios with HoTT-Modul we recommend Option No. 4.
The included adapter #3024040 will only used at some special radios. See here which ones.
Option 2: Spektrum, Futaba, Graupner-mc
USB-Interface for R/C Radios
Option 3: Universal
Flying wireless with any 2.4 GHz or former MHz receiver
If you still have an USB-Interface from IKARUS than you can use the Single-Line-Converter #7011050 to fly wireless. The SLC is usable for any 2.4 GHz or former MHz receiver. You can transmit up to 8 channels to the interface. All red, yellow or black IKARUS USB-Interfaces are compatible for this solution!
Option 4: Graupner-HoTT
Flying wireless with PPM sumsignal receiver
(e.g. Graupner HoTT )
Plug in the USB interface #3031020 to a free USB port. The interface will be detected automatically by Windows PCs or Apple Mac Computers. Than connect the USB interface with a single patch cable to your receiver at the sum signal output.
Option 5: MPX, Futaba, Spektrum, universal
Flying wireless with digital sumsignal receiver
(e.g. Futaba-SBus, MPX-SRXL or Spektrum-Satellite)
Connect the RC SimConnector #3031100 to a free USP port at your Windows PC or Apple Mac Computer. The interface will be recognize automatic. Your own R/C receiver with digital sumsignal will be connected via the included patch cables.